Our story so far

Inspired by the love of beautiful home decoration, subtle mood lighting and exquisite natural aromas and scents, I embarked on an inspirational journey to lovingly prepare exceptional quality, hand poured, soy candles and melts for your enjoyment and delight.

‘Caythorpe Candles' by Amanda evolved following numerous suggestions, from my close family, to hand-pour more candles and share them with friends. Their response was amazing and encouraging, suggesting my attention to quality, ingredient and presentation was exceptional.

My home is now always filled with beautiful aromas as I blend fragrance oils with the finest quality biodegradable vegan friendly Soy wax, lovingly hand poured at the optimum temperature into the finest quality jars, tins and melts.

I love to experiment with new scent ranges, burn styles and pouring techniques, which ensures that ‘Caythorpe Candles' by Amanda will always offer a unique, high quality candle that has been lovingly prepared for your personal enjoyment.

Drop me a line, give me a ring, try one of my candles and join me on my journey sharing my love of candles with you and your friends.

Amanda x