Top Tips

When the wax in a glass container heats and cools it may adhere and release from the side of the container. This could create an illusion of a bubble in the candle. This will not affect the performance of the candle. It could disappear and then reappear with the changes of temperature as the candle burns.

A warm environment can sometimes cause fragrance oils to sweat out of the wax. You may notice this as beads of liquid on the top of your candle. This does not affect the performance of the candle and can disappear depending on the changes in environment.

The wax used in Caythorpe Candles is free of synthetic coloured dyes. Since we don’t use colouring in our wax you may see some natural discolouration at times. Wax may also vary in colour depending on the fragrance oils they react with. Once the wax begins to burn it may change colour, this does not affect the performance of the candle.

When you first light your candle, burn for a minimum of one hour per 2.5cm diameter (this equates to approximately 3hrs for jars and 2.5hrs for tins). This will melt the wax to the edges of the glass, which will allow for the maximum use of the wax in each candle.

For best results keep the wick trimmed to 0.5cm before every use, this can be done by pinching/cutting off the charred extra wick before lighting.

Keep a lit candle out of a draughty area. A draft can create an uneven burn or too hot of a flame.